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Experimental film maker Tony Hickson  has completed his new film a documentary about Gender called “She He it” . The film started its Film festival run at the end of May and already has collected 9 awards including best documentary, and  best LGBTQ Short  and been accepted into 24 Festivals. The film looks at the idea of gender and what it means in today’s society, and interviews  a number of people including a man who collects Barbie dolls, a French performance Artist Thierry Alexandre, a trans woman called sapphire and Philip Salon who is a British club promoter, event organiser, socialite, style innovator, impresario, and clothing designer.  Tony Hickson the Director said “I started filming this documentary in 2020 when the first lockdown happened but was forced to put it on hold as it was so difficult to arrange anything with the various laws in the UK constantly changing. I managed to get it all shot at the end of 2021 then started with the editing. I hope that the film will ask the questions what is Gender anyway and looks at the different ways we view Gender and sexuality I interviewed Julian Kalinowski one of the formost experts and Barbie collectors in the UK, I also interview a psychiatrist who talked of her background studying Lacan and Freud and her work with Gender reassignment patients , I also spoke to a French Performance artist based in London Called Thierry Alexandre who claims to be post Gender, and how his gender informs his work. Philip salon the close friend of Boy George and club promoter for Steve Strange’s Blitz Club as part of the London 1980s New Romantic Scene,  He talked about wearing skirts in the late 1970s and how his friend sex Pistols manager  Malcolm McLaren decided to bring back tartan, and he beat him to it by wearing a kilt on his head. When I was submitting my film to different festivals the y sometimes ask for a list of triggers for audiences I counted 18 triggers in the different interviews I did, then later found out the The Stanley Kubrick film Clockwork Orange has about 6 .The film started its festival run in May 2022 and has picked up 9 awards including best short, best documentary ,  and best LGBTQA short, It has been accepted in 24 festivals some of which have already taken place . Tony Hickson  is a multi award winning filmmaker ,He studied for his MA in screenwriting at the University of the arts London and  he studied factual development and production at The National film And television school in the UK.  Tony  has made over 25 short films and documentaries , and had screenings in over 45 festivals worldwide. He is currently working on a slate of 5 documentaries one animation and a live action short, as well as looking for a producer for his first feature film.

Some of the festivals the Film She He It has been screened at are as follows

2 11 17 International Film Festival

Buddha International Film Festival

Indie Movies Spark Film Festival

Druk International Film Festival

First Women Film Festival

Andromeda Film Festival

White Unicorn International Film Festival

52 Weeks Film Festival




Here is a link to the website

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